What’s New in OpenToonz

In this section you can find a list of Highlights in the latest release of OpenToonz; these may include New Features, Bug Fixes or Enhancements to already existent features. Here, you can also find links to past versions’ Release Notes, to keep track of OpenToonz development history throughout time.



  • new Vector Guided Drawing Controls panel and options.
  • new Stop-Motion panel & Canon DSLR Camera Capture support (Windows only).
  • new Toolbar: Now tool availability is Context Aware.
  • new Fill Tool: Can now be used in Raster Levels.
  • new Eraser Tool: Pencil Mode for Toonz Raster levels, also in Freehand and Polyline types.
  • new Xsheet/Timeline: Camera Column to see and edit animation keyframes.
  • new Xsheet/Timeline: Create Blank Drawing command.
  • new Playback: New Short Play command.
  • new Import/Export: XDTS File Support (Celsys and Toei Animation xsheet file format).
  • new Effects: Corridor Gradient Iwa.
  • new Effects: Spin Gradient Iwa.
  • new Motion Paths: Now can be created using the Geometry Tool.
  • new Shortcuts: New shortcuts for Next/Previous Keyframe commands.
  • new Viewer: Color settings for Viewer Background in Level editing mode.
  • new Cleanup: “None” line processing mode, for applying only autocenter/rotation/flipping.
  • new Palette Editor: Delete Unused Styles right-click command.
  • new Cache folder location & Clear Cache Command.
  • new Execute Toonz scripts from commandline.
  • new UI: New Help menu options Online Manual, What’s New, Community Forum and Report a Bug.
  • new UI: New Korean translation. (Initial version)
  • new Effects: Help in English and Spanish.
  • new OpenToonz Manual: New Spanish translation.
  • enhancement UI: Updated/Reorganized Menus.
  • enhancement File Browser: Double-click in Load Scene and Load Level dialogs to open files.
  • enhancement Level Settings window: Now can act upon Multiple Selected levels.
  • enhancement Startup Popup: Now Scenes are Saved on Creation.
  • enhancement Effects: Added Swap Colors Button in Gradient effects.
  • enhancement Read Only levels: Allow to Copy Selections from Read Only Levels.
  • enhancement Read Only levels: PSD and FFmpeg-loaded levels are now Read Only.
  • enhancement Function Editor: Hide Inbetween Values option in Spreadsheet mode.
  • enhancement Function Editor: Step / Interpolation change for multiple selected Keyframes.
  • enhancement Animate Tool: Precise control using Alt key.
  • enhancement Brush Tool: Remember last brush preset used.
  • enhancement Control Point Editor Tool: Make Control Points easier to select.
  • enhancement Sound: Improved Sound Quality for Playback and Scrubbing. (Linux only)
  • fix Brush Tool: Center mouse cursor on brush preview (for pixel-art work)
  • fix Transparent QuickTime Output.

…and much more!

Please see the v1.4 Release Notes hosted in GitHub, for the full list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Previous Versions of OpenToonz

Here you can find links to previous versions’ full Release Notes, hosted in GitHub:

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