What’s New in OpenToonz

In this section you can find a list of Highlights in the latest release of OpenToonz; these may include New Features, Bug Fixes or Enhancements to already existent features. Here, you can also find links to past versions“ Release Notes, to keep track of OpenToonz development history throughout time.



  • new UI: All New Icon set.
  • new UI: Updated Default Room set.
  • new Brushes: Aotz Raster Brush Set (MyPaint): Sketch, Ink, Fill, Clouds, Water, Grass, Leaves, Fur, Eraser, etc.
  • new Eraser Tool: Segment selection type, for quickly cutting stroke intersections.
  • new Geometry Tool: MultiArc shape.
  • new Xsheet/Timeline: Paste as a Copy command, for pasting an independent copy of a drawing.
  • new Effects: Bloom Iwa.
  • new Effects: Fractal Noise Iwa.
  • new Effects: Glare Iwa.
  • new Effects: New Particles effect preset: Flock.
  • new Expressions: Expression Reference Manager, for keeping track of objects name changes (experimental).
  • new Expressions: Periodic Random function.
  • new Shortcuts: Individual Geometric Tool Shapes shortcuts for compatibility with Adobe Animate keyboard shortcuts.
  • new Translation: Initial support for Norwegian Bokmal.
  • new Translation: Weblate widget.
  • new Plugins: Updated Dwango plugins. (separate download)
  • new Operating Systems: FreeBSD support.
  • enhancement UI: New Horizontal Mode for Level Strip editor.
  • enhancement UI: Added a New Style button in the styles area of the Style Editor (optional).
  • enhancement UI: New Top/Bottom Toolbar option in Palette Editor.
  • enhancement UI: New Color Keys in Global Palette.
  • enhancement UI: Updated Output Settings dialogue.
  • enhancement UI/Preferences: Live update for 3DLUTs in Preferences.
  • enhancement UI/Preferences: New Style Sheet customizations in Preferences.
  • enhancement UI/Preferences: New Switch Tool Temporarily Keypress Length option.
  • enhancement Animate Tool: Ease regulations for the use of the Animate Tool.
  • enhancement Selection Tool: Improved target area for Transform selection.
  • enhancement Eraser Tool: Added Frame Range mode when using the new Segment selection type.
  • enhancement Cutter Tool: Now it Snaps at intersections.
  • enhancement Control Point Editor Tool: Added a Snap option.
  • enhancement Control Point Editor Tool: Added a Freehand mode.
  • enhancement Color Separation: Save/Reload Color Separation Parameters.
  • enhancement Conversion: Added Align Boundary Strokes Direction option in Convert To Vector feature.
  • enhancement Effects: Added a Search Bar in New FX browser window.
  • enhancement Effects: Added Linear color space option in Add Ino effect.
  • enhancement Effects: Added Logarithmic option in Spiral effect.
  • enhancement Expressions: Now it’s possible to Copy an expression object address directly from the UI.
  • enhancement I/O: Premultiply on Loading PNG images.
  • enhancement Undo: Reset Undo when Saving Levels Preference Option.
  • fix I/O: Fix incorrect XML in .tnz scene files.
  • fix Keyframing: Fix Copy/Paste keyframe causing bad data.
  • fix Scene Cast: Fix Update on Pasting.
  • fix Brushes: Fix custom Vector Brush styles.
  • fix Tape Tool: Fix Vector Tape Tool on Joining Points at the same position.
  • fix Geometric Tool: Fix first point offset.
  • fix Type Tool: Fix first point offset.
  • fix Plastic Tool: Fix in OpenGL Line Smoothing.
  • fix Xsheet/Timeline: Fix crash when Drawing on an absent level.
  • fix Color Model: Fix color model pick mode.
  • fix Monitors/Screens: Fix for Full Screen on Multiple Monitors. (Windows)
  • fix Monitors/Screens: Fix icon rendering for HDPI screens.
  • fix Monitors/Screens: Fix for Duplicate Window Title. (Mac)
  • fix Audio: Fix crash on Recording audio. (Mac, Windows)
  • fix Rendering: Fix Batch Rendering. (Mac)

…and much more!

Please see the v1.5 Release Notes hosted in GitHub, for the full list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Previous Versions of OpenToonz

Here you can find links to previous versions“ full Release Notes, hosted in GitHub:

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